Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Bishop of Innsbruck- made in the Pope's image

This is the new Bishop of Innsbruck, Hermann Glettler  The Pope rejected the Terna and made his own choice.

(showing enormous respect for the decoration of his baroque church)

Here he is putting the finishing touches to one of his works of art, "Wounded Light". in Vienna's Votivkirche.

Pictures can only be seen by following the link as they are copyright.

The statue is decorated with mini-torchlights.

Meaningless modernism.

It is meant to say something (what?) about the theology of the body.

Cathcon despairs.

Kath,net reports.

The new bishop of the diocese of Innsbruck is likely to be conformed: Pope Francis has appointed the Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau, Hermann Glettler (52), according to the information provided by the Tiroler Tageszeitung (Friday). The decision would be approved by the Council of Ministers next week, they said. There is no official confirmation of this either from the Diocese of Innsbruck or the diocese of Graz-Seckau.

Hermann Glettler was born in 1965 in Übelbach (district Graz area). He is parish priest in Graz and Episcopal Vicar for Caritas and Evangelism. He became well-known. for his commitment to the socially weak as well as for being an "artist priest".

Glettler would be the first fifth bishop at the head of the diocese, which was set up  in 1964. Since the move of Bishop Manfred Scheuer to Linz at the beginning of the year 2016, the Diocese had been  led in the interim by Jakob Bürgler as a diocesan administrator.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cardinal Müller believes he could return to the Curia

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller in discussion in Mannheim: He wished, however, that in the case of teaching documents clear theological preparations take place.

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Pope Francis had a completely different understanding of theology from his predecessor Pope Benedict. This was explained by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller last week at a panel discussion in Mannheim, as the "Wochenblatt" reported. This "current style" of the Pope "must one somehow also respect and accept". He wishes, however, that clear theological preparations take place for teaching documents.

Müller considers a return to the Curia in Rome possible. In the discussion initiated by Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis, Archbishop Georg Gänswein was also present. The Archbishop was shaken by the dismissal of Cardinal Miiller. He told the "Wochenblatt" : "I do not want to comment on a papal decision. But when I heard of it, as it concerned a personal friend, I was very much affected. "


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hustings speech delivered in 2015- for the record


First and foremost a Happy Easter to one and all. It is a great pleasure to be here invited by a community motivated by the last words of the psalms, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. We now look forward to the happy Pentecost when there will be mutual understanding and charity in all languages.

A few words of philosophy to start before we get to the practical. I take my inspiration from the great French philosopher, Jacques Maritain, fierce opponent of anti-semitism and proponent of democratic values, when the world was drifting into totalitarianism. He talked about the primacy of the spiritual, in the widest, most generous and ecumenical sense. His second focus was on the intrinsic dignity of the human person, of whatever creed or race. This is a key motivation of my personal outlook.

And finally he revived the idea of the common good, which has roots deep in history, but has been so much lost with the growth of the state, as the cure all to all problems, in modern times.

I had a profound sense of the primacy of the spiritual when I wrote a blog article for one of the national newspapers comparing Muslim and Christian rhythms of prayer on my return from 3 months in Kuwait two years ago.

The common good demands a wide and generous tolerance and mutual respect. A free conscience is the first representative of Jesus Christ, as the 19th century theologian, Cardinal Newman said.

I am quite clear that Judaeo-Christian values have to be respected within our own society.

Now turning to the practical. The Churches are magnificent in direct and unmediated charity, a role much underestimated. It is the parable of the good Samaritan made real and as St Paul says, If I speak human or angelic languages but do not have charity, I am a sounding gong or a clanging cymbal. That said, Churches are no substitute for state action, but are very effective in working alongside the state.

Yesterday, I visited the food bank at St Peter’s Church in Pwllheli. What a magnificent work I found. I listened to stories of the unrelenting nature of the social service reform. How a woman was forced back to work who was literally on her death bed. What a catastrophe has overtaken us that we find this in any way acceptable. Of course, the welfare system should be simplified and streamlined, as is ukip policy. The present reforms however have found it far easier to target the weakest, most vulnerable and most honest rather than take on those who are gaming the system.

I oppose the bedroom tax- it operates unfairly, penalising those who cannot find alternative accommodation and takes insufficient account of the needs of families and the disabled.

It is only reasonable that child benefit should be paid to children resident in the UK. Benefits need to be capped- and also child benefits should be limited to the first two children. Getting reform of the benefit system right is a matter of pure justice.

I also spent yesterday visiting local businesses- for it is economic transformation and revival that will build up social cohesion and rescue many for poverty. And to the greatest degree possible these should be sustainable jobs within the just operating of the labour market. My father was a trade union leader and December his work on unfair dismissal cases always peaked. He had one man on his doorstep in floods of tears as he had been dismissed on December 18. There has to be more solidarity within society and this means solidarity not just between people but between generations.

The bonds of trust and charity within the community have been slowly eroded since the ending of World War II, whose 70th Anniversary we celebrate on the day after the election on May 7th. For the good of society, on that day, we should begin to repair them again. This is not a party matter it is a matter for all parties.

Many thanks to Tywyn Baptists for organising such a splendid event.

Cardinal in court accused of cover-up


Cardinal in court for not reporting crime

The French priest, Bernard Preynat was said to have attacked at least 70 children in the 1980s. Ten of the victims claimed that Cardinal Philippe Barbarin knew about it at the time.

Lyon’s Cardinal Philippe Barbarin has been heard by the court on Tuesday for not reporting sexual assaults. However, he did not appear personally but was represented by his lawyer. The main hearing will take place from 4 April 2018, as the court reported on Tuesday; the verdict is to be announced on 6 April. The complainants are ten victims of a paedophile priest and former scout master from the second half of the 80s. They accuse Barbarin of not having followed up the accusations against the priest,Bernard Preynat, in 2007. Overall, he could have assaulted around 70 children.

The newspaper "Le Figaro" reported in the evening further details of the "very technical" preliminary hearings. Five other representatives of the Archdiocese of Lyon, as well as the new Spanish prefect of the Vatican Confederation of the Congregations, Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, are therefore invited to make statements. The newspaper reports that Ladaria, in his former post, in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, had communicated to Barbarin in writing "to take the necessary disciplinary steps and at the same time to avoid a public scandal". Now the accusation of "complicity" is also being made against him, according to the newspaper, since he had not expressly requested the Cardinal to intervene with the civil authorities.

In 2016, other proceedings against Barbarin were suspended. Already in 2016, the Court had ruled against Barbarin for not reporting sexual assaults of another paedophile priest. At that time, the prosecutor's office stopped the proceedings after a few months; there was no evidence of a criminal offense on his part. In the middle of August, the Cardinal had admitted mistakes in dealing with sexual abuse reports when interviewed by the newspaper "Le Monde". According to the French Prime Minister, his action in 2007 was "not appropriate" to the seriousness of the incidents. Today, the priest concerned is no longer allowed to continue working, says Barbarin. The Cardinal described his own conduct at that time as a mistake, especially with respect to the victims. At the same time, he emphasized that he had "absolutely covered nothing up". This word is "inadmissible" in the context.

Barbarin said that the priest in question had claimed that in 2007 that nothing had happened since 1991. He had checked this and left the priest in office. "Some say that this is not possible because misbehavers invariably follow a repeating pattern," the primate said. In fact, however, nothing has so far been placed on the record. (CBA)


Cathedral defends decision to allow Hellboy filming

"Church officials have defended their decision to allow the latest Hellboy movie to be filmed inside Wells Cathedral.
The film involves a comic book superhero with a back story including Nazism and the occult.
Some worshippers have criticised the decision to allow the 900-year-old building to host the filming.
However, officials said the film was a classic story of good versus evil."

Full story

Wells Cathedral was Catholic until the reformation.  They should give it back.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cardinal preaches on "Bodyguard"

Can you imagine that Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki walks around the cathedral happily and whistles the Whitney Houston († 2012) hit "I will always love you"?

The song he himself could sing as a bishop, said Woelki on Sunday in the Domradio. And it all depends completely on the Hollywood movie "Bodyguard".

"The story is encouraging"
In this Houston plays not only the leading role, even the song is the title song of the movie, whose story Cardinal Woelki finds "encouraging". People wanted a safe world without class and race differences, in which "the successful pop singer falls in love with the poor lifeguard," said the Cardinal. It is hard to say "just a nice word to the daft neighbours or the co-worker at the workplace. Not to mention living together with people of different origins, culture or religion. "

Everyone has a bodyguard

On the other hand, stories such as "Bodyguard" give courage to overcome one's own narrow limits and to be "there and everywhere for each other." He is convinced that every human being has such a bodyguard - formerly called a Guardian Angel "And if true, infinite love comes then, then happiness is perfect," said Woelki. "This happens - thank God - not just in the film."

"My bodyguard is called Jesus Christ"

And his personal guardian angel? "My bodyguard is Jesus Christ!"

The Cardinal knows that the musical has seen more than 500,000 spectators in the Musical Dome and has now moved to Stuttgart, but he was not in the "Blue Tent". However, the film also suffices for his insights.


Cathcon: The tragic Whitney Houston was no friend of the Catholic Church calling Catholicism "just a trip" in an interview with Playboy.

Rock around the clock religious


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Young Catholic Adult Weekend @ Douai Abbey 20th -22nd Oct 2017

Are you 18-40, do you want to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith, learn its devotions and meet like minded people? Young Catholic Adults are organizing a weekend at Douai Abbey in Berkshire) with Lawrence Lew O.P., and Canon Poucin ICKSP. You’ll be able to hear catechetical talks, learn how to sing Gregorian Chant, say the Rosary, socialize and have fun. Book soon as places are limited! 

Booking here

Prices start from £18.50.

Delighted to post this announcement of a great event. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

German buse Commissioner calls for apologies from Cardinal

The Commissioner of the Federal Government for Questions of Sexual Child Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, has accused the former Regensburg bishop and present Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller of serious failures in dealing with the abuse scandal at the Regensburg Domspatzen.

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller in his office in Rome.

At the beginning of July, Pope Francis sacked Müller as head of the Congregation for the Congregation of the Faith.

"Under the then Bishop Miller, a comprehensive, pro-active reworking with the involvement of those concerned was unfortunately missed," the online edition of the "Passauer Neuen Presse" quoted the Commissioner on Wednesday.

"Müller always spoke of individual cases, but did not investigate the structural failures," criticized Rörig. "It would be desirable for those concerned that he would at least now apologize for the protracted re-appraisal."

The lawyer, Ulrich Weber, who has been employed by the boys’ choir to deal with the misuse scandal, presented his final report on Tuesday. According to this, over the decades a total of 547 children were victims of physical and sexual violence.

Rörig said in the "Passauer Neue Presse" that it was particularly important that all parties involved in the process were included. "There can be no final line drawn in Regensburg yet." But no one should lean back and think that this was only a matter for the Catholic Church, added the Abuse Commissioner. "The number of cases of abuse has been high for years," said Rörig. "Sexual violence against children continues to take place everywhere, in the family, in institutions, by other young people and children, and increasingly by the digital media."

At the same time, Rörig deplored the lack of willingness of many states to pay into the aid fund for abuse victims. "If all of the 9,000 applications of victims are now processed, the fund will be exhausted," he said. Only three out of 16 federal states have so far paid into the fund. "That's a scandal."


Cardinal Müller against hypocritical Papal devotion

Dismissed Chief of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Cardinal Müller steps out

Cardinal Müller makes his displeasure known: in Rome there is a "hypocritical papal devotion" and "courtly behavior". He also has a clear opinion on abuse.

For five years, the former Regensburg Bishop, Gerhard Ludwig Müller was the Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. As his five-year fixed term was drawing to a close, the Pope dismissed him from his service at the beginning of July.  The reason was not explained by the Vatican. However, political and theological differences between Francis and the conservative Müller are the main reason.

Müller had criticized the Pope in various respects, for instance, in the context of the post-synodal papal letter, "Amoris Laetitia," in which the Pope makes the communion possible for remarried and divorced persons under certain conditions.

Müller pretends not to know the reasons for the non-prolongation of his term. But what the decision meant, "everyone can imagine", he has said now in an interview with the news agency, dpa.  He was received by Pope Benedict XVI. Only to Rome for this office. "You can usually expect that it will last until the age of 75.  But it has now been decreed differently." For me, the world does not collapse, and I can continue to do much for the Church. "

#It was true that tensions between himself and Francis had been "talked about by interested parties". "The Pope has always assured me, however, that he does not believe these rumours and trusts me fully."

Criticism of the Pontifex nevertheless, Müller considers to be constructive. Many people maintain a "hypocritical papal devotion" according to the rationale: "The Holy Father has an idea, and we follow this unconditionally and all are full of admiration." But the Pope, according to Müller, is also only a man: "That means that not everything he does and says is, from the outset, already perfect and unsurpassable."

Every Catholic, especially every bishop and every cardinal, had a positive and constructive relationship with the Pope, according to the Cardinal. "But that is completely different from courtly behaviour and subterranean machination, against which Pope Francis always spoke."

Among the faithful, he wished for less of a Pope cult. "There should not be a person-cult and a touch-the-Pope tourism, which is a bit dangerous in the age of the mass media, so that people now cheer only the Pope, or that one goes to Rome for sensational pleasure.  And then to be able to say, I have seen the Pope in the first row, very close to him. "

"Priest a priori suspected of abuse"
During his time as Bishop of Regensburg (2002 to 2012), the cardinal was supposed to have delayed the investigation of the abuse scandal at the Domspatzen (the Cathedral Choir). He has always denied this. With the publication of the final report on the scandal, allegations were again voiced which the Cardinal apparently interprets as a general attack on the Catholic Church. "It is obvious that the Catholic Church is tackled on this subject more harshly and that priests are suspected a priori," said the 69-year-old in Rome.

"There are clergymen- let it be lamented before God- that they have committed such crimes, but that is why one cannot collectively suspect the others just because they are also priests." The percentage is even less with regard to the total number of clergy in the world than in the case of comparable pedagogical professional groups - which of course does not in any way excuse the offense and nor alleviates the suffering of the victims, " he said.

Müller refers to a study of the forensic psychiatrist, Norbert Leygraf from the University of Duisburg commissioned by the German Bishops' Conference. According to this, paedophilia was diagnosed only in nine out of a total of 78 priests who had been examined for accusations.  The proportion of priests with a sexual preference disorder in the entire priesthood is not significantly different to the proportion of those affected by it in the German general population. However, the question of whether or not sexual assaults by Catholic clergy have occurred disproportionately frequently cannot be answered "either by means of extensive US studies or by the present study," wrote the authors in 2012.

Cardinal Müller has been repeatedly criticised for his unhappy dealings with the misuse of abuse, including the lack of dialogue. "Some people think they write a letter and get an answer with the verdict of a defendant," he said. "This is simply not possible, because the process has a structure and must be carried out according to objective criteria."

In addition to his responsibilities as a Regensburg bishop, Müller was, as the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, responsible for the investigation of abuse worldwide. He defends himself against the accusation that he, as prefect in Rome, also hindered the processing of such cases. "It is simply not true that we have been negligent in the prosecution of such crimes, or that due to a lack of workforce," he says. "The exact opposite is the case." The Congregation has always represented the zero-tolerance line despite some attempts to interfere from outside.

There are great prejudices against Catholic clergy regarding celibacy, according to Müller. "It is considered, when someone is voluntarily living in continence, he has to get rid of his feelings somewhere.  Even if that were true, a normal person would look for a relationship with a woman rather than a child."

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Pope decides on less transparency during ad limina limits.

Since this year, Pope Francis has been undertaking free discussions behind closed doors during the regular visits of the Bishops' conferences from the global church. As Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke confirmed on Tuesday at the request of "Kathpress", there will in future be no written speeches by the Pope on the ad limina visits of the bishops. In the speeches, Francis had discussed the situation of the Catholic Church in the countries. He often did not read the written speeches, but only handed them over and instead engaged in discussions. The Vatican subsequently published the written texts.

"Pope Francis simply prefers a more tangible tone when he speaks with the bishops," Burke explained the renouncement of manuscripts of talks and the publication of content regarding the meetings of the Vatican press office. According to Burke, "there is no need to suspect a political motive behind any change."